Mayfield and Easthouses
Community Council

To qualify to be a member of your Community Council and to vote in a Community Council election, you must :

  • be named on the electoral register for the area
  • reside in the Mayfield or Easthouses area
  • be 16 years or over

If a member fails to attend for a period of 6 consecutive months then their membership will be withdrawn.

Co-opted Members

You can be co-opted to serve on a Community Council to fill a vacancy You must qualify to be members of the Community Council; You must be voted on to the Community Council by a two thirds majority; You will have full voting rights

Associate Members

You can be appointed in addition to the membership where there is a need for individuals with a specific skill. You need not be resident in the area and will serve for a fixed period off time, during that time you will have no voting rights.

Ex-officio Members - ex-officio means by right of position or office.

Therefore any Midlothian Councillor, MP, MSP or MEP whose ward falls within the Mayfield & Easthouses area can be an ex-officio member. They have no voting rights and cannot stand for the Community Council.

Please email us at if you are interested in becoming a member.

Office Bearing Roles

The 5 main roles within your Council are:

Elections to Mayfield & Easthouses Community Council take place on a yearly cycle.   The next scheduled election will take place at the AGM in April 2019.

Current members:

  • Robert Hogg - Chair
  • Michael Hogg - Vice-Chair
  • Judy Thomson - Treasurer
  • Laura Yuill - Secretary
  • Rudi Bregulla - Environmental Officer
  • Katie Brash - Environmental Officer
  • Stephen Liddell - Planning Officer
  • Sharon Hill - MAEDT representative
  • Pat O’Neill 
  • Jose Kerr 
  • Carol Kerr
  • George Jackson 
  • Margaret Jackson 
  • Lynne Pryde 
  • Willie Forsyth