Mayfield and Easthouses
Community Council

Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council

Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council serves a growing community of around 8000 people in the county of Midlothian.

As a settlement Mayfield sprang up in the 1950 to provide accommodation and living space for the expanding mining industry in the area.  Easthouses just to the north of Mayfield lies two miles south of Midlothian’s administrative centre of Dalkeith.  Similar to its neighbour it also grew up around the areas booming mining industry earlier in the 20th Century.  Over time and as both settlements grew in size the boundaries between the two have blurred.

With the closure of the collieries and the decline of mining both communities suffered from a period of post industrial decline throughout the 1980s.  However today both Communities are thriving as the area becomes an increasingly popular commuter belt area for Edinburgh. 

Roles and Responsibilities of your Community Council

Your Community Council is one of the principle mechanisms of public participation in Scottish Local Government.

We act as a voice for our local community and co-ordinate and express your views to Midlothian Council and other public bodies on a wide range of issues eg planning, licensing, consultations, issues that are important to you and the local community.

It is our role to determine what the priorities are for our community. This is based upon consultation and engagement with you and the local community.   We hope to engage the residents of Mayfield & Easthouses through: 

  • Monthly Community Council meetings (1st Wednesday of each month, except January and July)
  • This website
  • Our Facebook page @MayfieldandEasthousesCommunityCouncil
  • Midlothian Advertiser
  • Local noticeboards

In order to shape our policies and approaches, we encourage your comments, views and opinions, please direct any comments to